April 18th, 2003

ledbetter tat


It was a Friday night in the summer of 1999. Billy and I usually took Friday nights to have dinner out and roam around the Santa Monica mall or the adjacent Third Street Promenade, a closed-off street of shops and street performers frequented by the upscale west-siders in search of an urban setting. It falls far short of a bustling city feel but it's the best Los Angeles has to offer by the beach.

After dinner we walked around window shopping. In the center of the street was a tent for KLSX, the local hot-talk station. They were having a promotion for Swatch and a chance to win one by spinning a big carnival wheel. Put down your dollar and spin. After our third try, I won a great looking Swatch, black with a red dial. I turned around to a beaming Billy and handed it to him.

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