February 27th, 2003

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Mr. Rogers/Nightline

Tonight "Nightline" is rerunning an interview Ted Koppel did with him last year. I saw it and it was one of the most inspiring and moving interviews I've ever seen Ted conduct. Fred Rogers was an amazing man with unparalleled compassion and understanding.
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ledbetter tat

Random TV thoughts

Jimmy Kimmel - I watched the show the first few weeks and was disappointed. The dizzying backdrop, the dull band and the duller guests made for an uneven experience. Jimmy is really talented and nice and funny but he seemed nervous in his chair. I dropped out. Last night I tuned back in and found the set to have been toned down to a coherent level, and Jimmy far more comfortable. It is still a jarring transition from "Nightline" to Jimmy but if ABC gives the show a little bit of support, they could have a 20 year franchise.

Robert Blake interview - Did Barbara Walters look frightened or was it just the plastic surgery? Blake played the sad delusional clown. It was a fun hour.

American Idol - Thank you for putting the Josh, the marine, through. Too bad Frenchie got kicked off because of some internet porn she once did. She would have made it to the finals as well. Thank you Tivo for letting me skip the Ryan Seacrest parts.

Rather vs. Saddam - Saddam challenges Bush to a debate. Now wouldn't you tune in for that? A happy delusional clown, he hardly seems an imminent threat. If you don't hit a bee's nest with a baseball bat, do they attack anyway?
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