February 17th, 2003

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Lunch With Tom

Yesterday an old friend of ours, Tom, invited me out to lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, The Border Grill. It is modern Mexican food served in an atmosphere of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Tom's lover, Peter, had committed suicide ten years ago and Tom found him. He has yet to re-partner and understandably, is still traumatized by the loss. He is the one friend I have who understands the dynamic of sudden loss and discovery. He also has the horrifying addition of suicide.

But we didn't speak of any of those emotional land mines. Instead, we talked about everything else. He is great conversation. We dissected the impending and ill-conceived war as well as this season's "Oz," which woefully seems to have ceased their policy of at least one penis shot per episode. We spoke of the state of gay culture, a subject of endless fascination for both of us. The time flew and it was a really great lunch.

I stayed up late last night watching TV and woke up equally late this morning. After the Bob trot, I've settled in to solve the myriad of problems facing this stupid stupid production, and getting ready for my NYC trip on Friday. Unfortunately, this meaningless holiday has cramped a lot of what I can accomplish. I mean I'm happy for those who need the day off but, really, the meaning of this holiday escapes me. We used to celebrate Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday, and that was specific and logical. This, however, is some generic day off to take advantage of shopping and sales.

I should probably lighten up on that, huh? I saw a George Will editorial about it and it got me to thinkin'. Aw, never mind. Have a great day!
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