February 2nd, 2003

ledbetter tat

When insanity knocks, enjoy the show

Last night, I went over to Scott's. He cooked dinner and then we went to meet some of his friends to see "The Anne Heche Monologues." For those who never read her book, myself included, you cannot imagine the comedy, the hysteria and the deep-soul searching of a true narcissist contained on those pages.

The show is a group of really good actresses who simply read passages from Anne's confessional.


"I glow. I glow like snow."


"I like yellow. It's mellow. I think he was even wearing yellow."

It was like listening to some adult descent into Dr. Seuss. Afterward I could only think of Homer, her young son, and hope that child protective services is keeping close watch on the Heche household.
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ledbetter tat

Funny Business

The show I was going to produce find a new venue - The Friars Club. I have been officially hired on to produce the two month run. A little cash and a lot of work. I'm happy about both of them.

The show is a full-on musical. It is "A Chorus Line" set in a comedy club. The Friars is a great, although off-beat, theater for it. Producing this show will also open up a whole new circle of future employers. It's all good.
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