January 27th, 2003

ledbetter tat

Today...but it's still early

I have a late breakfast (early lunch?) at 11am with the principals of the start-up to discuss how much work there is to do for no money yet. Then I will have a conference call regarding a play I have been invited to produce. The curent producer is apparently a disaster and they need someone to come in and fix it. I will go in, Harvey Keitel it, and make enough so I don't have to dip into savings for another two months.
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ledbetter tat

Oh Boy! More Comedy Clips...and this time for free!!!

I came back from my breakfast/lunch meeting with a high stack of CDs to wade through. I have to find the mushroom in the pig shit. All this material is from Uncle Fuck's Chuckle Hut in St. Louis and features some of Mizzurah's best comics. A good comic in Missouri apparently is someone who repeatedly says the word "fuck" with absolutely no context. Forget the fact that none of this is actually funny nor mildly corner-of-the-mouth-raising. It is completely non-programmable per the FCC. So my job is to find that mushroom, clean it up and take out all of the "fucks" and voila! Oh, after the voila, well there's not much left. I guess I should be glad. I mean I only have twelve more hours of it to comb. It could be worse. I could be doing this for free. Oh, wait, I am doing it for free.

I am finding out more about the play I am about to step in and produce. The more I find out, the more frightening the project sounds. A cabal of women clinging to their territory. A large cast. Opening night tomorrow. A venue whose future is iffy. No one seems to know the most fundamental information. This might even be more fun than listening to these clips!

But I am thankful for the job (read: money).

Hey Kimmel! Maher! I'm over here! Pick me!!!!!
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