January 18th, 2003

ledbetter tat

2 movies....

Last night I went to see "City of God," a Brazilian film that has been compared to "Pulp Fiction." In the way the story folds in and out of itself, I understand the inclination to call it Tarantino-like. The film has you by the collar from the first frame and doesn't really let go. It also has the largest body count (of THE DEAD) since "Black Hawk Down." The movie is energized much the same as "El Mariachi" was - fun camera, great editing and the swagger of a self-assured first-timer. Definitely not a travel brochure for Brazil but a lot of fun and socially scary.

Today I saw "Antwone Fisher," with my friend Scott. We started crying about 10 minutes into the film and didn't really stop. It's simply told and very moving. I wouldn't be disappointed if Derek Luke won Best Actor this year. His performance is powerfully subtle. He is certainly better than Nicholson's comb-over in "About Schmidt." The ad claim that "It will change your life" is a little overwrought but the film is honest.
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