January 13th, 2003

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Our last "date"

January 13, 2002

Billy had been given a gift certificate for Tony Roma’s from his friend, Gene. It was Sunday and Billy said, “Let’s go on a date!” He was really happy to do this because he had been financially struggling lately and wanted to take me out instead of the other way around. Around 5pm, we went to Westside Pavilion to Tony Roma’s.

He ordered the baby back full platter and I ordered the half chicken/half baby back ribs platter. One of my favorite things, and something I never mentioned to him, was watching Billy eat. It’s hard to articulate but it was the joy on his face when he was eating something he really liked. He got in the zone.

After dinner, we walked around the mall. We went into a skater/surf shop. They were having a sale on sweatshirts and I bought a hooded sweatshirt and Billy bought some stickers. He loved stickers. I mean, really loved them. He put stickers all over anything in our home. We put on of those stickers on the back window of my car. It was the simplest things in life in which Billy found the most joy. Stickers were on that list.

We came home, watched some TV and ended the date like all good dates end. Spent, snuggled and asleep.
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