January 6th, 2003

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Ebert and Roeper - shills for the Oscars?

Last night, E&R gave their top 10 list. They were predictable and mostly disappointing. Only Ebert put "Far From Heaven" on his top 10 (#4). Roeper put "Gangs of NY" at the #1 spot! Both were effusive regarding "About Schmidt." Has anyone else seen "About Schmidt"? Did you like it? The only thing I took away from the program is I must see "Minority Report" again because maybe I will enjoy it more a second time. I suppose, begrudgingly, I need to see to see "Adaptation" again as well.

Whoever is marketing "Far From Heaven" needs to get their ass in gear. I just smell an "About Schmidt" or "Gangs of NY" sweep at the Oscars. But, then again, when haven't they chosen the wrong film? Not since "Schindler's List" has a deserving film won.
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Yesterday was a good day. I woke up and immediately met friends for a matinee of "Chicago" which wasn't as horrible as I had anticipated. Creating celebrity by committing murder is an ugly message. I didn't like it in the play and even though the film was way more enjoyable (no sweaty chorus boys right up in your face), the book is still weak. But Renee was really good, Catherine ZJ is a big, sexy ponygirl and John C. Reilly is as dreamy as ever.

I came home, took down the tree, cleaned the house and then an old friend of Billy's, Manuel, came over with his brother, Jorge. Jorge is severely retarded with facial deformities, and Manuel tends after him with such sweetness and love. It was inspiring. I had met them before several times but always with Billy. We went out for sushi, talked for a few hours and it was great. Jorge kept interrupting (he's 20 something but is still stuck at age 5) and Manuel would carefully tell him to stop talking or we'd pause to hear what Jorge had to say then continue our conversation. I clearly saw last night why Billy loved Manny so much. Both Leos, both gentle.

Bob and I went to bed, caught up on the news shows (This Week, McLaughlin Group, some Up Close episodes), ate some donuts around 1am then went to sleep. Right before waking up, I was having some very graphic sexual dreams. That hasn't happened in a long time. Nice.
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I just got this via private email:


I saw your journal on livejournal, you are hot! I thought I say hi. do you
have any more pictures?

If you would like to see a picture of me, I have one on my page at
http://www.peegoo.com username is skiplool. Hope to talk to you soon..


My response:

"Uh Skip? Did you bother to READ my journal? If so, I find your email particularly stupid. And I am not going to bother looking up your info on any fucking sex site. And Skip? The guy who you probably think is "hot" is my lover who died last year. So thank you for telling me I have good taste in men but I already knew that. If you are cruising for sex, I suggest a better site than livejournal.


Who is this fucking moron?
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My previous post must have been spam because my reply got bounced back. I somehow thought LJ was immune to spam-asses.
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