January 4th, 2003

ledbetter tat

"Bowling For Columbine"

Calling Michael Moore a documentarian is an insult to Errol Morris but this is a really provocative, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking film. I went with my friend, Tom (not Tommy of Ricky/Tommy), and we had a great time in our post-film breakdown of it. His lover of 14 years committed suicide in 1992. I've known Tom for 13 years, and he was in and out of Billy's and my life but we have recently reconnected. There is an emotional shorthand that is comfortable and understanding. We talked afterward for a few hours then he left, I walked Bob and went to McDonalds where I got two Big Macs to eat in front of the TV.
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ledbetter tat


Tom called after he left to tell me that "geist" means spirit or ghost in German. Billy made up the word, Guyster, as a love name for me and it is also what I called him. This is probably more interesting to me than to you but wanted to say it out loud. Guyster : )