January 1st, 2003

ledbetter tat

Have you seen this guy?

OK for those who have been following this insane scam that fell into my lap, here is the latest. The "author's" name is "Bobby Purcell" and his manager is "Eric Samstrung." I believe they are one in the same. I have never met either but my friend, Jim, sent "Bobby's" picture to me. I received an email from "Eric" saying that Bobby is now in critical condition from an aneurysm and malignant tumor at the top of his spine.

OK, let's recap. In the span of four weeks, "Bobby" has written a soon-to-be-best seller for Simon and Schuster. He is going on a 100 city tour. He is a founder of a children's foundation. He has pneumonia. His ex-wife and 10 year old son were killed in a car accident. He is working undercover for the LA Times as a homeless person, getting the inside story. He was called into active duty in the Army but now, because of his tumor, he cannot serve.

Has anyone come across this guy? Did he use that name with you? Spread his picture around and see if you get any hits. This guy is local (loco?). My diagnosis is he is a narcissistic sociopath who needs an audience for his grandiosity. I was skeptical from the beginning but became fascinated about where it would end. There were moments when I believed because it was so good but there was also something needling my left brain.

I assume I will soon get an email from his manager, "Eric," saying Bobby has died. I guess that will be the end game...for him. Not for me. I want to find this guy and talk to him.

Bobby Purcell
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