December 21st, 2002

ledbetter tat

What is the denoument?

The story continues: I received a call today from my friend, Jim, who said the author is flying in with the body of his son at Van Nuys airport tomorrow and wants us to pick him up. I'm game. I want to meet this guy in person. But something tells me there will be some reason why we cannot pick him up.

I've let go of this gig as any sort of real possibility and I'll continue to pursue the other jobs I've been circling.

Tonight I'm going to Jane and Gary's for a Christmas party. It will be good to get out and be around other people who are not fucking psychotic.
ledbetter tat

Dear Guyster

Our tree is up. It is exactly the tree you would have picked out.

But it is half as beautiful as it was last year. I found all of the Christmas decoration boxes in the garage and I realized how much you took care of all of that stuff. You carefully packaged everything up every year and kept it safe. You were the one responsible for the traditions we had surrounding the tree every year. I followed along. Now I'm trying to recreate it and guess what? It''s not the same. It never will be. But I put your favorite ornament at the top of the tree as a beacon.

I miss you so much, baby, I miss you so much. And so does Bob.

I love you Bill Ledbetter (to which you would always reply in a silly voice, "I love you Terry Danuser")
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