November 9th, 2002

Bob Slobbers

So far today...

Woke up around ten. Was up late watching one of my favorite Hitchcock movies (The Lady Vanishes). Went right to the gym - did legs. Had a HUGE meal afterwards and now am feeling a little nauseous and sleepy. Bob is on the couch already sleeping and I think I'm going to join him and read without TV distractions. I love the rain.
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    raindrops on the metal roof
ledbetter tat


I saw 8 mile
Made me feel like a child
Watching Saturday Night Fever
This time a little more beaver
Halfway through I really had to pee
A giant diet Coke caffeine-free
Woulda got up if I could
But wanted to see Slim go Hollywood
Em was great
I took the bait
But if I dye my hair blond
Call my mom
Never mind she's dead
Like Em's, she fucked with my head
I say "Yo dog" to Bob
He looks at me odd
And I'll try not to sob
Billy woulda loved this movie
And that's a fuckin tragedy.
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    Superman - Eminem