November 6th, 2002

ledbetter tat

So far, so good

Started the day with chest/shoulders at the gym. Gonna start off on a 4 day split then in a few weeks go to a five day split. It felt great. The gain shakes are pretty gnarly and make me a little nauseous but I managed three quarter pounders for lunch : )

Went out to Rose Hills today to make things pretty and succeeded at that. Gotta go to Petco to get Bob some glucosimine and hopefully I'll find a humane mouse trap. I still have a kitchen visitor.

Am going to Mickey's taping (she does a cable acceess show called Call If You Dare which is always so un-PC and a great train wreck) then back here to host this business meeting at the house. At least Bob will get lots of attention and then when everyone leaves, I'll order a pizza and watch The Bachelor.
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