November 5th, 2002

ledbetter tat

A new leaf and an open wound

I just got back from the gym. Haven't been in over nine months. I did legs so that sweet pain is gonna kick in tomorrow. I miss that ache from all the lactic acid. It's like an old friend.

I am still working on this fucking demo; the demo that will never end because the people behind it do not know what the fuck they want. It's really frustrating.

I had a really bad Billy attack last night. I am still in disbelief of the FACT he is no longer here by my side. Feelings and facts sometimes (no, most times) travel on opposite tracks. I was trolling through my old laptop and found a bunch of email exchanges we used to do while we were at our jobs. They were sweet, loving, funny and reminded me, like a Jackass punch, how much I miss him.

Today promises to be better. Russell and his boyfriend, Alec, are coming in from Santa Barbara and spending the night. I gotta clean up the house a little and do some errands before they arrive.

To all those out there that listen to talk radio....what do you like about it? What makes you go back to the same shows? What makes you stay on the same station? What don't you like about talk radio? What do you listen to? Some impromptu market research....
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ledbetter tat

Tonight leads to tomorrow....

Russell and Alec are in my bed so I am upstairs with Bob and we are watching Howard. Had a really good conversation on the phone tonight then watched 24. Russell and Alec got back from their party, and Russell and I got into a fight. Not a big one. Just a sparring match that feels as familiar and comfortable as an old robe.

I wish I were sleepier. I'm not used to sleeping in the loft. Maybe an Ativan. Gonna get to the gym first thing tomorrow. A lot of work tomorrow and then a business meeting at my house with about 10 disgruntled (me included) employees of our bankrupt network. Our company closed April 2001 and we were given 15 minutes to leave the building without any pay. We were part of the bubble burst but had a CEO strung out on drugs and completely irresonsible so the employees got fucked no lube.
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