October 27th, 2002

Bob Slobbers

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I just got home from Santa Barbara where I did a radio demo. Now I have to put it through production to see if there is anything worthwhile. My hunch is no. One of the talent was marginal and the other, although he tried his best, was saddled with dull subject matter and an unworkable format. We'll see. I'm tired. Bob and me are on the couch watching the game and waiting for the pizza to arrive.

Yesterday was awesome. I went through a long day of dog training at the SPCA. It was great being around all those dogs and knowing I can make a difference. I passed the written test at the end of the day (it was easier than the DMV - you'd have to be a moron to fail it) and I'm going to start working this week. A few hours here, a few hours there. It's gonna be better than sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

Top of the 7th. Looks like it's the Angels to have but we'll see....
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