October 25th, 2002

Bob Slobbers

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Just came back from a show my friend, Tim, hosted where actors got up and introduced the most embarrassing clips of their careers. It was hysterical. I went with Ricky and Tommy, two of the greatest guys in the world, and we had a great time.

Went to Macy's today to buy a blanket for the new couch so Bob and I can cuddle on it. He is a master cuddler. And let's face it. What's better than cuddling when all is said and done?

Tomorrow is a training session at the SPCA which I am really looking forward to. It is an eight hour lesson on how to socialize dogs who have been displaced for a long period of time. It is unfuckingbelievable to me that some people will drop their dog off at the pound after having it in their home for eight years because they're moving or some other reason. How can people accept unconditional love from an animal for so long only to dump it off? Unfortunately it happens all too often and these dogs suddenly go from a warm stable family to a cage in the pound. Hopefully that is where I can make a difference.

Time for TV. Nighters.
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