October 12th, 2002

Bob Slobbers

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As expected, Bob passed the test. I was so proud of him. He is such an extraordinary dog. Our vet once told us he had rarely seen a dog with such self-confidence. Now if only a little would rub off on me...: )

Bob and me are going to start at retirement homes next week for visits. The SPCA said that older people would relate to him because of his age. I guess that makes sense.

I have to write some copy today then a meeting on a TV project. Tonight? Who knows. I know I have a lot of stuff loaded into Tivo so that will keep Bob and me pretty busy.
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ledbetter tat

Keith Hernandez

I don't care what anyone says
You were my very own Keith Hernandez
Just like the series of '86
There wasn't a problem you couldn't fix
Even though there was all kinds of trouble
You were there to bring me into your bubble
The joy, the fun, the life that we shared
Vanished overnight in the thinnest of air
But the love I feel from you every day
Helps me go on and find my way
So no matter what anyone says
You will always be my Keith Hernandez.
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