GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

Steve's new hobby

steveThree nights ago, I accidentally triggered the Eject button on the DVD remote rather than Off. The tray opened knocking against the closed door of the smoked glass stand housing the DVD player. It startled Steve from his nap. He jumped out of the chair and ran to the television, immediately putting his head against the door and giving it a good stare down. For hours. He hasn’t stopped since.

He hears a loud noise outside and runs to the TV. I reach for my Diet Coke on the coffee table, and he’s up and at his post in a heartbeat. When he takes a break to eat something, he rushes back to the television. His obsession might be cute if only he didn’t block the TiVo.

I started aversion therapy, squirting him on the butt with a spray bottle of water causing him a look of confused despair. With a few more wet lessons, he’s now started to back away from the television when I merely reach for the bottle. Now he’ll lie on the couch with me, but his eyes never waver from his target.

I can sleep better at night knowing that any invaders will have to fight their way past Steve to get to my TV.
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