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Saturday so far....

Got up really late cause I was up late last night watching TV. Went out with my neighbor and a whole group of her work friends for sushi. My neighbor, Pat, got mad at the manager, a beautiful tall blonde who looks like Lara Flynn Boyle but with thick ankles, and then we left. Came home and dove into TV which had a lot of unwatched shows loaded onto Tivo.

It's weird but something I have noticed for a long time. I am afraid to go to sleep. I catch myself falling asleep and will wake myself up, eat and watch more TV. This cycle goes on for hours sometimes until finally I let go. I'm pretty sure I understand the reason. Now all I have to do is break that cycle. It's not healthy.

So I woke up around 10am, went straight to the gym, did chest and now I am going to clean up the house. There are toupees of Bob hair everywhere on the floors. Wash the sheets, stuff like that. Also am going to go see Far From Heaven with Scott and Tom tonight.

I installed a huge audio editing program (Pro Tools) into my pute and have been trying to learn it. I bought a manuel. I need a fucking manuel for the manuel. I feel really over my head on this but a friend is going to come and give me a tutorial on it. Anyone out there know Pro Tools?

I'm also going to post some more stuff on eBay. I am selling a lot of my first editions, some signed and I have a huge collection of Interview magazines from the 70s and early 80s that always get a sweet price.

Bob is downstairs trying to find lost cookies in the backyard. It's a game we play that he never tires of.

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