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I couldn't have been more wrong....

Last night I was expecting a party that had no one of career interest. I went as a favor for a friend. But something great happened. I met who I hope to be my next CEO. He's a hard-core radio guy who I'd already been told was a great guy. The principals of the start-up that I have been working on have somehow kept me away from him. There was no stopping me last night though. He was there, we met, I told him I knew an old friend of his and we spent a half hour in the corner talking about mutual friends and our love of talk radio. If things work out (and they are getting closer to that), he will be CEO of this venture. I made points at securing my PD position last night. The food at the party sucked (tiny little finger foods like cheese and fruit - not a meal) so I left after I did my work and stopped at Jack in the Box for the teriyaki bowl. I took it home and ate it in front of The Bachelor. Even if all this happens, it won't happen on a realistic financial time table for me so the search goes on. I should hear from both of the shows today to set the meeting next week.

Sleep did not come easy last night. I was up until about 2:30 then back up at 5 then finally REM until 9:30. Today I'm helping my friend, Scott, buy a new computer and have lunch with him then off to therapy.

Thanks for listening to me yesterday, guys. It really did help writing it down and getting back your support. Last night, I realized I was a day early (it was Jan. 21st) in the post but I think I mourn the day before more anyway. Thanks again.

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