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The rest of the day.....

After this morning, I understood my task at hand. To find a fucking job NOW. I have already secured a gig putting together some sound bites that will pay a little change but that's not enough. Not even close.

There are two HUGE opportunities I really really want. I made calls to people who called both shows on my behalf and I will probably get the meetings next week. Both shows are staffing right away. I customized my resume for both of them. I made a few other calls as well. I really want one of these shows. If I get either (or both...ah the problems of too much choice : ), I will let you know the shows. I don't want to jinx anything right now.

Billy? Hello? This is where your angel duties could be used!

I'm going to a business dinner tonight that will yield nothing but I have an obligation to go. Fuck it. Free food.

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