GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. It worked.

Shelia called about half past three yesterday. Her voice betrayed her words.

“Everything looks just fine. They say that his vital signs are good but he hasn’t woke up yet.” She paused.

“That’s great, right?”

“I just want to see him wake up. I won’t feel right until he does.”

“How’d the surgery go? What’d the doctors say?”

“Damn. I forgot to ask that.” I heard some shuffling. “I’m trying to find the number you can call. I have to go pick up Mackenzie now.”

“What number? To the ICU?”

“I had it somewhere. Oh, this is such a mess…” I could hear her frustration as she was looking through her purse, and I heard fear.

“I have the main number. Don’t worry. I’ll call the main desk and just ask for the ICU and talk to the nurse’s station.” We promised to call each other if we heard any news. I told her not to worry, again.

Just before six, I saw Shelia’s number on my cell phone.


“Well, he’s awake and doing just great. Squeezed my hand.” Her smile broke through the line. “I asked him if he could hear me and he just started shaking his foot back and forth.”

“That’s great. Aw, that’s great news.” I said. We spoke a little more, hung up, and I sat at my desk, composing myself and wiping a few tears away.

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