GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

Alas, the bells

Two trips to Ikea this weekend, one purchase; a bookcase, surprisingly appropriate in design for my bedroom, giving way to display all that I need to see.

Extreme Home Makeover really had me last night. Tears were shed as the deaf family with the autistic blind child saw their new home in the grand reveal. The blind child felt his way through the home, settling into the swing in the backyard. The deaf, redheaded dad hugged his plus-sized wife, and cried. I joined him. The unimpaired older son, bearing a remarkable resemblance to bad boy Prince Harry, cried as well when he received scholarship money. I had to look away.

This week promises to be Extreme Talent Relations, a week of impossible deals and deadlines.

I can't seem to rid myself of that awful song from this week's Lost. It's refrain is "We are everybody." Yes. Exactly what does that mean?

I wrote something about dogs this weekend, feeling an emptiness in my new nest. Let me sum it up rather than force you to read the entire piece: Dogs are better than we are.

The bells. The bells! Ringing urgently early this morning at their formerly prescribed time. I finally answered them, fearing that if I didn’t, it would be interpreted as tragedy.

Everything is in its place, as it should be. I look forward to going home tonight.

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