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It’s not arrogance that allows me to zero in on someone to see if they have an appreciable sense of humor; it’s just practice. I’ve been around comedians for so long that I can instinctively tell whether someone has the skewed perspective to make this world a happier place even if it comes from their own darkness and pain. Live Journal has introduced me to comedians through writing, a different dynamic to be sure, but one that has never proved me wrong.

I had giggled for months at drood’s posts before I actually met Vance, and he was even more charming and funny than I had imagined. The self-inflicted slapstick and pathos of fabulist was darkly intriguing but in person, Joe has the inner light of someone happy against their will. zombietruckstop and umkinda are superstar witty with a spin. When I heard backawayslowly was coming to town, I knew. What I didn’t know was how adept he was at character, and had the kind of funny that can’t help itself; it just comes in waves until his audience, luckily this weekend it was Joe and me, is helpless.

We met Dave at his hotel, dragged him over to my place, and just sat for hours, talking, comparing notes, waiting for our dinner reservations, and talking some more. He made a routine out of his brand new shoes, whimpering with each step. His take on Washington DC could have made a brilliant three-minute sketch. He was funny because he just couldn’t help himself.

The three of us ate, drank, and were merry (I'm leaving you an opening here, Dave). I loved meeting him, his enthusiasm for his career was steadfast, and I know, with his perseverance and focus, he’ll be a household name. Mark my word. I’m rarely correct.

Now if only quuf would come out and play.

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