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Last night and so far today...

My group session last night was especially difficult as one of our members is having a very bad crisis. We all are in the shit but hers was exceptionally terrible. So the good news about going to group is the emotional shorthand we all have and the unabashed ability to express our sorrow. The bad news, because we have all grown to love one another since we started in March, is that you take on other's sadness.

On the way home, i called a friend and we ended up talking for like an hour and a half. He's going through a lot of shit too and it was good to hear about someone else's stuff rather than listening to my own. I hope I was able to help him out a little by listening : )

Today is filled with two business lunch and one dinner. Good arm workout at the gym today then some cardio. Someone at group last night said I looked great and looked like I lost some weight. I wanted to kill her. The point is to GAIN weight. I just gotta eat more : ) The problem is after going through such a rapid weight loss, my stomach is not prepared to take in what I want.

Off to lunch meeting.........

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