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Was this a surprise to me?

No. I got the second-hand feedback from the focus groups last night. Both groups (18-34 and 34-49) disliked what they heard. They liked the concept but not the execution. Only one of the four demos that I did was used (the one demo that I really hated doing and did as a favor for one of the principals). Did any of the people who made the demo choices ever program for the 18-34 male demo or have any experience in radio or comedy? No. They're fucking amateurs and it is time for me to take the step to do this on my own. I can band together a number of really talented people and we can put this show on without the impediment of stupidity. The weak spot is finding the financing (put that in the duh file). Tomorrow I am meeting to put together one show and I already have another completed.

The wheel spinning is going to stop. Now.

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