GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

That movie meme

What is the greatest movie of all time?Bonnie and Clyde
What was the first movie you ever saw?How The West Was Won
What movie "changed" your life?A Clockwork Orange
What movie creeped you out?Blair Witch
What movie made you cry like river?Forrest Gump
What is the best Sci-fi movie?Forbidden Planet
What movie was sooo bad you walked out of it?I wanted to walk out of The English Patient but was stuck in the middle of a crowded aisle so I tried to sleep.
What movie will be playin in Hell when you get there?Titanic
What actor walks on water?Jimmy Stewart
What actress is "da bomb"?Uma Thurman or Molly Ringwald
What is your favorite franchise movies?Hopefully, there will be "Kill Bill, Vol. III and IV"
Movies that take place on the water or under the water?Finding Nemo
What is the most romantic film of all time?Moulin Rouge, Casablanca, One From The Heart, Now Voyager
What is your favorite foreign film?The Conformist
Who is your favorite director?Hitchcock (Everyone learned from him.). Kubrick. Paul Thomas Anderson. David Lynch
Movies today...too long?Yes. Way, way too long.
What is the sexiest movie you've ever seen?Can I say "Oz" even though it's a TV show?
What actor deserves to be shot like old yeller?Mickey Rourke
What actress offends the very universe with her "skills"?Barbra Streisand
What movie is your "guilty" pleasure?Showgirls, although I feel no absolutely no guilt about it.
What three movies would make a great "film festival"?Cries and Whispers, Interiors, Life Is Beautiful
What is your favorite comedy?Duck Soup
Do you pay full price to see most of your movies?Now I do
What is your favorite "Kid's market" movie?Toy Story (I & II)
If you made a movie, what would the title be?Guyster
If you could cast someone in your role int he movie of your life...who'd it be?Tony Shaloub
Too many commercials before movies?No. I'd like more. Twenty five of them isn't enough.
Do you like sequels?Godfather II, Toy Story II


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