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Update - Sing With Me If It's Just For Today... — LiveJournal
If I should fall behind, Guyster, wait for me.
I haven't written in a while because, as my all-charm, all-the-time Aunt Geraldine would say, "I can't think of a goddamned thing to say."

· Chris, Billy's nephew, and his wife and three kids are coming to town on Thursday. I couldn't be happier although they have three-year old twins given to sudden fits of anarchy. I can’t wait to go out to restaurants with them.

· Work has been overwhelmingly stressful but at least I no longer feel like a total loser every day.

· Bob Slobbers had a check up and he’s in fine health.

· I've watched all three seasons of Average Joe and I can only conclude that people are shallow scum.

· I signed up for a workshop at the Writing Center in Bethesda, starting April 20. Hopefully I'll learn to construct a better sentence than the one above. Maybe not watching Average Joe: 4 would help, too.

· Joe volunteered for pet adoption with me a few weekends ago and we fell in love with our little charge, Rhett. Luckily, he found a home the next day. He’ll make someone very happy over the next several years.

· The dimensions of Jon Peter Lewis are those of Billy’s. So is his dance style when Billy goofy-danced. I love Jon Peter.

· The construction being done on our Venice home is plodding and expensive, and my tenants are whiny trash.

· Our company retreat is taking place, in the woods, at the height of cicada season. There are all kinds of probing personality games. It just keeps getting better.

· I love you, Bill Ledbetter.

I’ve been a better commenter than contributor lately but I hope that will change. I miss writing. I pine for the pride of what I’ve written. My creativity, however, seems to have left the building for a smoke break.
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From: irsmurfette Date: April 6th, 2004 07:34 am (UTC) (Link)
It sounds like you're doing well, I'm glad.

I'm glad Bob is doing well too. I'm a sucker for the furry ones.
poohbearjim From: poohbearjim Date: April 6th, 2004 07:52 am (UTC) (Link)
That happens from time to time. I've been in a creative dry spell myself until Sunday night when a great idea just popped in my head from nowhere. I'm sure it'll happen to you too soon enough.
guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: April 6th, 2004 03:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your lips. God's ears.
backawayslowly From: backawayslowly Date: April 6th, 2004 08:24 am (UTC) (Link)
it's funny you posted this today, just about 10 hours ago I was thinking about writing you a letter and asking where ya been? Your writing is missed 'round here lately.
guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: April 6th, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mighty nice for you to be saying that, Dave. I've been keeping tabs on you, though. Congratulations and stay the course.
grrtigger From: grrtigger Date: April 6th, 2004 08:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Don't feel bad about not writing, I think everybody goes through those phases. It's nice if you can write at least once a day, but it's not worth forcing it just for the sake of writing ;)

( although you could also argue that the act of writing as an exercise has some merit, even in those times when you feel you have nothing to say )

( not that i'd know anything about that )
guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: April 6th, 2004 03:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
You might look at the past month's worth of entries as writing for the sake of writing and then I just started to become too embarrassed at what was coming out so I just stopped. I think the workshop will be a good, structured boost.

Thanks, neighbor.
grrtigger From: grrtigger Date: April 7th, 2004 08:17 am (UTC) (Link)
You're welcome! I feel the pain of your embarassment in my own attempts to post something everyday without that annoying "scraping the bottom of the barrel" sound.

Some days are more successful than others ;)
ruralrob From: ruralrob Date: April 6th, 2004 10:00 am (UTC) (Link)
You are a good commenter, 'tis true. Anf for that we are alll grateful.

Don't underestimate the power of a good comment.

Having said that, I've missed your wonderful posts.
brianrdu From: brianrdu Date: April 6th, 2004 10:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I miss reading what you write...but I'm very guilty of taking an LJ break right now myself. I mean, I have stuff to write about, I just don't feel the urgency. And maybe things are playing out right now, so to comment on them would be premature. I guess.
From: inkprincess Date: April 6th, 2004 11:16 am (UTC) (Link)
I was SOOO upset when Adam chose that freak over Rachel. :( YOu'd expect more from him since he was the "loser" in the 1st show. stupid people!

YAY for Bob!
guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: April 6th, 2004 03:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've rarely been as mad at a TV stranger as I was last night with Adam. I hope his family shuns him. He's a disgrace.
quuf From: quuf Date: April 6th, 2004 05:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
You write so beautifully that I would happily put all aside to read your account of, say, going to the corner for a carton of milk, or breaking a shoelace. Breaks are good, though.

Glad you're all right - was beginning to worry.
guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: April 7th, 2004 07:33 am (UTC) (Link)
How about vacuuming the carpet?
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