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Back from dinner

Just had dinner with Mickey who might be the coolest chick in the world. She has Tasmanian Devil energy and loves to stir up the shit. My kind of gal. Terry didn't show cause he had some work to do. So we just sat in a booth at Jerry's Deli and created chaos for those around us (note to all: never order the beef stir fry from Jerry's). I told her about the time I was on a tour and we had the same tour bus and driver that David Crosby had before us. This was late 80s. The driver told us that David and his wife used to be back in the master bedroom of the bus, smoking freebase and David's body was covered in scabs from poor diet or whatever. His wife used to pick off the scabs and eat them. Mickey did a total spit-take laughing and the couple in the neighboring booth couldn't get their check fast enough.

Gonna go work at the SPCA tomorrow morning after the gym then having dinner and "8 Mile" with some friends.

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