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All the demos are done. I finished up the Boone Brothers demo this morning and delivered it. Now it is up to the ficus groups on Monday to determine what they liike and what they don't. I don't have a great deal of faith in focus groups cause basically they are there for 50 bucks and a sandwich, and they also feel the general need to be negative.There's going to be two groups, one is 18-34 male, and the other is 34-49 male. I know the Boones will play to the younger group as they are an audio version of Jackass. The other demos presented are a crap shoot. I don't think they skew young male and since that is our target audience, who knows....

Went out to lunch with Mike today with whom I had a bad good-bye two years ago. I had to fire him for a varierty of reasons and, predictably, he didn't take it well. He was always a great guy but he could never deliver the show we were looking for. Today was our chance to make ammends and that was accomplished. Him and his wife are having me over for dinner next week.

Stopped by my friend Scott's apartment on the way home from lunch. He has been in Toronto for a few weeks so we got to catch up. We are both convinced that Muhammed and Malvo are in some sort of sexual relationship and we wondered why the mainstream media has not spotlighted that part of the sniper story (the Enquirer has). I love Scott for many reasons, not the least of which we can have the most insanely stupid conversations for hours and he loves to do verbal battle. We made plans to go to Las Vegas for Thanskgiving. He's Canadian so he doesn't care and the day after Thanksgiving would have been Billy's and my 10th anniversary.

"I wanna free fall out into nothing, I wanna leave this world for a while" - Tom Petty

Having dinner tonight with Mickey and Terry then home to snuggle Bob and watch TV.

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