GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

Levis and boots

It started when we moved to the new place. I don't know why. I was just lying on the couch one day and started to lick it. It's made out of denim and mmmmm, does it taste good! I can sit there and lick it all day long. I lick and lick until there's a big wet spot. Mmmmmm. Then Dad comes home and yells at me. But there's something about that Levi taste that just gets me every time.

Then after I went out a few days ago and fell down in the snow because my paws were so cold, Dad bought me these boots. They're really comfortable and warm and I like putting them on. I like the way they feel. I think I look pretty good in them. That's what people tell me in the elevator. And Dad seems to really like putting them on me. I just stand there and he "Good boy"'s me until we're ready to go.

Dad make a crack at me last night that got me to thinking. He said something about me turning into a Levi and boot queen. I felt all kinky.

What's this new place doing to me?


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