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The roller coaster - Sing With Me If It's Just For Today... — LiveJournal
If I should fall behind, Guyster, wait for me.
The roller coaster
This weekend was a turning point of sorts.

Saturday was great. A new friend came into my life. The first person I'e met, on my own, for a very long time and he turned out to be a GREAT guy. Smart, funny, vulnerable, open, honest and great conversation. I slept better on Saturday night than in a long time.

Sunday was odd by design. I took my friends, Bill and Karen, to the medium with whom I visited twice before. The previous times were amazing. He told me information from Billy that could have only come from Billy. It was specific and accurate and, well, very Billy. But yesterday, it was more random and not as satisfying. Bill and Karen had an amazing experience and I was happy for them. But I walked away really depressed and sad. That cloud rode out the rest of the night.

Today is much better. I got calls from two old work buddies who I haven't spoken with in a long time and made two lunches with them. Busy. Just keep busy. That's the key. Bob and me just got back from doing a bunch of errands and the rest of the day is trolling through old radio CDs to cobble together a 2 minute demo. Then I go into the studio at 3p to finish off this other demo I am doing as a favor to someone.

All in all, Saturday outweighed Sunday on its impact and I am thankful to get to find a new friend.

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Current Music: Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock

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