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Just stuff and a few pictures

A few cultural notes using the super-efficient bullet point system:

· I only saw one film over the holidays - Mona Lisa Smile. I smiled three times, tops.

· I received Brian Eno’s instrumental box set for Christmas from Joe. I love getting lost in Eno’s sonic curlicues and lush soundscapes.

· I downloaded ten songs illegally, just enough to keep under the radar. The Justin Timberlake/50 Cent collaboration nearly melted my computer from its blandness. I cry neither one of them a river and shame on you, 50.

· I went into more debt after Christmas than before because the sales were insanely good and I am now wearing my new shoes, Kenneth Cole’s vision of a cop shoe, that are one of my favorite purchases and I snagged them for $40.00.

· Angels In America - I tried. I really did. After 4.5 hours, I screamed, “Just! Shut! Up!” at the TV. Since they handed Tony Kushner an actual Pulitzer for this gibberish, I know two or three writers on LJ who should be a cinch for the prize as their writing far surpasses this pretentious piece of prattle. Oh, I still have 1.5 more hours to go and I will watch it but dear lord, if this is how people really spoke in 1986 New York, I’m glad I was an LA-based cocaine addict.

· I’ve continued my love affair with Amber Tamblyn who, in this week’s Joan Of Arcadia, a repeat I hadn’t seen since drood wrote his wonderful piece on the show and introduced it to me, had to build a boat. It sounds simple enough but by the end, I was crying full tears, something that the bloated and incoherent Angels In America did not once elicit.

· Speaking of tears, Nightline re-ran Dave Marish’s profile on Eva Cassidy. When Billy and I first saw it a few years ago, sitting in bed, we both found ourselves wiping away the stream of tears. I watched it with Joe this weekend and once again, my face was wet. It was more real, authentic, and beautifully written than any random five minutes from the drudgery known as Angels In America.


Becky (Chris' wife), Chris (Billy's nephew) holding the twins, Brandon (their oldest son), and me.


Dixie (Billy's sister), the kids and me


Chris, Nicky and me


Becky and me


Amie (Billy's niece), Garrett (her son, sideways), and me

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